University Placement Service

GLI is the gateway to an American university!

GLI’s University Placement Service offers complete guidance and assured admissions for eligible students through a simple and fast application service. We know that the US university admissions process is often stressful and confusing for students and their parents. GLI’s university placement service staff are here to help!

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Our advising professionals are familiar with universities in every region of the US. GLI students from over 30 countries have been admitted to colleges and universities at both the undergraduate and graduate school level. Based on your academic performance at GLI, your advisor will be able to recommend you for admission to our GLI partner colleges and universities. This can be a great advantage for many international students, as the recommendation will enable you to avoid the expense and stress of TOEFL or other tests required by universities.

Our advisors work closely with you to help you find the right school and reach your educational goals in the fastest, most effective way. Got a question? Contact us today!